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Island Seniors are at risk due to challenges in Long Term Care
Opposition Green Caucus
January 10, 2022


January 10, 2022

Island Seniors are at risk due to challenges in Long Term Care

Hampton, PE – The COVID pandemic has highlighted serious challenges in our long term care systems. Prince Edward Island is not immune to these threats and it is critical that the King Conservatives do not fall into the trap of dismissing the threats as other Conservative governments across Canada have.

“I have been hearing from both family members and staff at long term care facilities who are telling me that the level of care is falling to deeply concerning levels,” said Peter Bevan-Baker, Leader of the Official Opposition. “This is a direct result of a lack of investment in long term care by this government.”

Family members have shared that there is often only one staff person available during a shift to provide care to all residents on a particular floor or wing of a long term care facility.

“Recently a family member reached out to tell me that over the holiday’s staffing was so low in the long term care home their loved one was in that residents were not taken out of bed for days at a time,” said Bevan-Baker. “This is unacceptable and is absolutely heartbreaking.”

Staff are also sounding the alarm.

“I have also had staff members reach out with concerns,” said Bevan-Baker. “Workers are telling me they are often understaffed, meaning they are unable to provide the level of care that they want and need to provide.”

It has been often pointed out that the King Conservatives are failing in almost all areas of healthcare.

“My colleagues and I have repeatedly pointed to shortcomings of this government to address issues of workload, retention, and support for Island healthcare workers. This example is one of the most distressing as it affects some of our most vulnerable Islanders. Island seniors in long term care deserve to live in safety and with dignity. They have given so much to our province and the least we can do is provide a system that respects them and their caregivers,” said Bevan-Baker. “It is time for the King Conservatives to address the problems with action and not just stories and platitudes. It is also time for the Minister of Health and Wellness to come out of hiding and face Islanders who are demanding action for Island Seniors.”


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