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What is the King government’s plan for back to school and when will they share it with Islanders?
Opposition Green Caucus
January 13, 2022


January 13, 2022

What is the King government’s plan for back to school and when will they share it with Islanders?

Charlottetown, PE – It has been more than a week since the King government further delayed the reopening of schools for Island children. During the briefing Dr. Morrison was asked if the measures government is putting in place going forward were in place today, would schools be returning to in-person learning. Her answer was “No.”

“Islanders want to see their children safely back in school, and they want to know government is using this time to ensure we can indeed safely return to school. Unfortunately, I don’t see anything to suggest we’re better off today than we were last week.” said Lynne Lund, Official Opposition Critic for Education and Lifelong Learning. “After an additional week to prepare, Islanders are asking: is the CPHO confident the government has done enough to safely reopen schools on January 17th? And if we are delaying again, what will government do differently to improve things?”

With the planned reopening only days away, Islanders are still waiting for an update from government on details.

“We have been hearing from Island parents and teachers who want children to return to schools but are concerned not enough is being done to ensure a safe return to schools when there is widespread community transmission,” said Lund.

“This is not the time for platitudes and words. Government has the responsibility to provide the tools, assurances, and leadership necessary to keep Islanders safe,” said Lund. “Teachers pivoted. Parents pivoted. This is hard for everyone, but Islanders are ready to do what is necessary. While children and teachers have been learning and teaching remotely and parents have scrambled to balance work and at-home learning for the last two weeks, what has government done? It’s time for Premier King and Minister Jameson to clearly explain their plan to keep Island children safe.”


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