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Dismantling the tent encampment is not the right answer - Official Opposition Green Caucus
Dismantling the tent encampment is not the right answer
Opposition Green Caucus
December 19, 2022


December 19, 2022

Dismantling the tent encampment is not the right answer

Charlottetown, PE – Can you imagine having the police turn up at your home that you built, that contains all your worldly possessions, and tell you that you must leave immediately? This is what the King government is planning to do with the tent encampment at the Charlottetown Event Grounds.

“This is exceptionally cruel and heartless,” said Karla Bernard, Official Opposition Green Critic for Social Development and Housing. “These Islanders will have no place to go once the authorities go in and force people from the only home they have.”

The temporary shelters at Park Street are not a housing solution. They are temporary and are not open during the day.

“The temporary shelters are not enough for most of the community who are experiencing homelessness,” said Bernard. “Can you imagine being required to pack up all your belongings every morning and being sent out to roam about the community until you are allowed to go back to a warm space. Even then, you may not have the same room or bed and quite possibly a new roommate. This is not kind or humane.”

Together with the Charlottetown community, the Official Opposition is asking Matt MacKay, Minister of Social Development and Housing, to:

  1. Immediately cease all eviction plans for the tent encampment. This is a community and these are people’s homes;
  2. Open the temporary shelters at Park Street 24 hours and allow residents to stay inside if needed or desired;
  3. Sit down with the residents of this community to better understand their needs and to provide a solution that actually meets the needs identified;
  4. Improve safety at the tent encampment by helping residents with the proper storage of propane, the proper use of generators, and fire safety.

The King government seems more concerned with moving this community out of sight rather than actually meeting their needs.

“Minister MacKay, do the right thing. Don’t kick people out of their homes – especially if you are not providing a suitable alternative.”


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