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RELEASE - Islanders struggling under fallout from recent severe weather events need help now: Lynne Lund, MLA
Islanders struggling under fallout from recent severe weather events need help now
Opposition Green Caucus
February 10, 2023


February 10, 2023

Islanders struggling under fallout from recent severe weather events need help now

Summerside, PE – Islanders have endured hit after hit when it comes to severe weather on Prince Edward Island. In our new climate reality, we need to help people facing the effects of severe weather events today and help them prepare for the weather of tomorrow.

“Since Fiona and before I have been hearing from Islanders struggling to keep up with being prepared for severe weather,” said Lynne Lund, MLA for Summerside-Wilmot. “The recent cold snap has pushed some Islanders already facing expensive repairs from post-tropical storm Fiona into dangerous financial territory.”

Recently PEI recorded the coldest temperatures in more than 20 years. During that time, the power grid, already compromised by Fiona, quickly reached capacity. In some areas of the province, Islanders experienced power outages.

“When the power went out during the cold snap, temperatures plunged in people’s homes,” said Lund. “I’ve spoken to plumbers who are fielding huge volumes of calls from Islanders whose pipes froze and now need repairs. In some cases those people still don’t have access to heat or water. Many of them don’t know how they are going to cover yet another bill.”

The additional costs for new repairs is causing an extreme level of anxiety for some Islanders and jeopardizing their financial security.

“I’m asking government: will there be help for Islanders who simply cannot afford this?” asked Lund.

It is no secret severe weather events, not only extreme cold but also heat waves lasting for days, will continue and government has a responsibility to help Islanders prepare.

“Government cannot sit back and just react to situations as they come up,” said Lund. “Many Islanders are finding it increasingly difficult to keep their homes warm or cool—especially seniors, people living with a disability, and vulnerable Islanders living on a fixed income. I am asking government to do more to help Islanders as they prepare for life in our new climate reality.”


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