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Statement from Karla Bernard on the Release of the Classroom Inclusion Model Review and Action Plan
Opposition Green Caucus
June 24, 2024


June 24, 2024

Statement from Karla Bernard on the Release of the Classroom Inclusion Model Review and Action Plan

Charlottetown, PE – One the main reasons I first ran to be an MLA was to reform the education system. As a former teacher and school counsellor, I could see the inequities all around me. I could see the beautiful aspects of the education system, where the gaps were, and where the system and its practices continued to fail our kids. I could see a system that was not working for an increasing number of students and how it continues to do so today. I could see jurisdictions around the world who were doing things right and I dreamed of growing a system that would serve children, young people and their educators well.

Over the past year, more and more Islanders have been reaching out to me regarding education. Parents, students and educators alike are telling me that the current system is not working for anyone.

The Department of Education recently conducted a review of the inclusion model on PEI. An Inclusion Model brings together students with different learning styles, abilities, experiences and backgrounds together in one classroom. This Model, which was adopted in the early nineties, is the basis for many of the concerns I am hearing about from students, parents and teachers. Inclusion Models across Canada can be successful if adequately funded and supported. Unfortunately, when government fails to do so, the inclusion model can lead to ineffective and unsafe learning environments for students, teachers and educational assistants (EAs). I have heard from teachers and EAs who have been physically attacked by students who unfairly did not have adequate support. I am increasingly hearing from parents who tell me their children’s classrooms are disruptive and need more staff support than they are getting.

Last week the Department finally released its review of the inclusion model as well as an associated action plan. I encourage everyone who is interested to please read the review and action plan and provide feedback to the Department of Education at educationpolicy@gov.pe.ca by July 31, 2024.

We are at a unique period of time where a review of the inclusion model could be the catalyst we need to really do some transformative work for the education system. This work is not going to be easy. It is going to require bold leaders and additional funding.

I will continue to hold the Minister of Education to account to ensure that this does not just become another report on a shelf gathering dust. This work is critically important for the future of our province and we need a government who will put in the hard work to make these improvements a reality.

Karla Bernard
Leader of the Third Party
MLA Charlottetown-Victoria Park


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