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Matt MacFarlane Calls on King Government to Make Long-Term Care Rates Regulated and Predictable
Opposition Green Caucus
July 2, 2024


July 2, 2024

Matt MacFarlane Calls on King Government to Make Long-Term Care Rates Regulated and Predictable

Charlottetown, PE – Today Matt MacFarlane, Third Party critic for Health, called on the King government to better protect Island seniors from exorbitant and unpredictable long-term care rate increases. On July 1st, for the second time in less than a year, the King government is increasing the amount it charges Islanders who live in government-run long-term care homes who pay out of pocket. Those seniors’ rent has increased by 24% so far this year, which amounts to up to $1,000/month for some seniors.

Despite PEI having rent control measures for residential tenancies that protect Islanders from exorbitant rent increases, seniors living in long-term care facilities remain unprotected from these substantial cost hikes. These seniors are at the mercy of whatever rent increases the government may decide to impose.

“These Islanders have spent their lives working and contributing to our province. It’s inappropriate and misguided for the King government to keep piling these high rent increases on the backs of our seniors,” said MacFarlane.

Several seniors and their families are voicing concerns about the lack of regulation governing rates in long-term homes. Unlike other rental accommodations where rent increases are capped by government-imposed limits, there are no such caps on long-term care rate increases to make them more predictable and fair. The significant increase in care rates places a heavy financial burden on seniors and their families, many of whom are already struggling with rising living costs.

“Self-paying residents in long-term care facilities deserve similar protections to tenants living in rental units,” said MacFarlane. “It’s alarming that the rates charged to residents in these facilities are not regulated by our government, leaving our seniors vulnerable to unaffordable cost increases.”

In other provinces, rates are regulated so that increases cannot exceed a mandated percentage and can only occur on a predictable timeframe. For example, in British Columbia long-term care rates are only adjusted once a year on January 1st to a maximum increase linked to the Consumer Price Index. Under these regulations, long-term care rates for residents in BC increased by less than 6% in 2023. It is critical that the King government take immediate action to ensure that seniors have access to the affordable and stable care they deserve.


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